Yoga for Improving Memory, Ancient Indian Practice

What is the spiritual aspect of Thoppukaranam?

“The modern day practice of ‘Super Brain’ Yoga in the West has removed much of the spiritual significance, including praying to Shri Ganesha. We should invoke divine blessings beforehand and thanksgiving when you are done. Remember that meditations which are purposeful produce greater beneficial effects.

The Hindus place important significance on the direction one faces when doing yoga. According to Hindu dharma, the gods reside in both the east and north.

East is the direction of the sun. Traditionally, Hindus perform Thoppukaranam while worshipping Shri Ganesha.

If the picture of a god faces east, one sits to the right facing north. If the picture faces north, one faces east.

The symbolism of Shri Ganesha is still an inspiration to those who perform Thoppukaranam.

The God with an elephant’s head and human body represents wisdom. He is worshiped by all Hindus, across all sects.

Shri Ganesha holds a rosary to signify the continuous pursuit of knowledge.

As a demonstration of his intelligence, he is the God of success. He also can remove obstacles and evils.”


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