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Office Time Management

It is often found that the fresh Management Graduates who have out of their college and start with their MBA Career in Management there is not much training given on how to ensure that you reach your offices on time.

Every day being late to office is definitely not a good sign and within no time your job will be at stake. The irony is that many people who are late to office, in reality do not want to arrive late. Commonly, there are certain attributes found attached to those who are always being late. People who are late regularly may be battling hard to cope with stress, distraction or any other psychological issues, as research says.

Last minute arrival can be attributed for a number of reasons. As aforesaid, it is not always a purposeful action. Feel empathetic toward to them to give time to come out of the dilemma.


Here are a few steps to tackle this habit of being late to office.

  • Mull over how long it takes you to get ready. Many people complain that they wake up early in the morning, but cannot make it to the office on time. allocate time for each of your morning activities if nothing works. But, keep in mind that you should finish off them on time so that you don’t hurry to office only to witness that you are late again.
  • If you see lot of delay in the way you manage your time, reschedule and eliminate those unwanted habits. Stay focused on the priorities and rid of all activities that lead you to become late.
  • Try to be realistic while allocating time. If you are aware of the time required for completing a particular job, do not try to cut short it. Setting time limit is the need but something that’s impossible will only add to your woes.
  • Think about the benefits and positives of arriving on or before the specified time. Find ways to motivate yourself to make it on time. This is how you manage and make it a habit and you are there!
  • Relax and enjoy while keeping your time. Everything comes organized when you successful in managing time. You will never see yourself rushing to places struggling to reach on time.

A little change in your attitude by prioritizing activities allows you to be on time. Time and Money are two important factors to be seriously looked into to be successful.

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