MBA Admission GMAT

With India’s marks-driven, fiercely competitive educational system, most of the applicants aspiring for world-class M.B.A degrees often feel disheartened when they are not able to crack the GMAT (The Graduate Management Admissions Test). The traditional school of thought moves towards the philosophy that a GMAT less than 700 makes the entire case for a leading Business school void. Often candidates with a GMAT of say, 670, tend to take a second or even fourth attempt to cross the 700 barrier. The GMAT being a global ranking exam, success often remains unmet and only a very determined few make to the score.

Most candidates tend to invest nearly 80% of their energies cracking the GMAT and less than 20% actually presenting their case  to the MBA Admissions Committee. Also, MBA admissions interviews preparations take a backseat with responses that are not too specific in terms of career goals and other aspects.

MBA Admissions in Bangalore


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How to make the best choice to take admission in Business Management Colleges in India, Bangalore, Delhi for MBA, BBA, B.COM,BBM programs to include written tests, interviews, group discussions etc.,

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