Industrial Visit to Mother Dairy @

Students of Millennium School of Business went for an industrial trip to Mother Dairy manufacturing plant in Patparganj. It is around 3.8 acres and employs around 700 workers in this location. Students were given a brief introduction about the company by Mr. Ashok. He told students about the white revolution and primitive and newer modes of milk collection and distribution. He also told about the actual milk processing capacity of the plant with the significance of the steps in processing.

This was followed by a documentary film, which depicted the process of milk production. The process in the making is totally automated and is internationally designed keeping in mind the hygiene standards. After the processing, the milk is stored in 12 tanks with a capacity of 1 lakh litre each. The milk is stored at a temperature of 3 degree C and then it is filled in the tanks and transported to various booths.Students enjoyed the visit of the plant and asked numerous questions. Milk and Ice Cream is the main product the plant deals in. More than 10 lakh litres of milk and 20 thousand litres of Ice creams are stored, transported in and out daily. The plant is located within the ambit of lush green environment and state of the art technology.


Then the students were taken for the visit of the plant and shown the processing area, tanks and how things are done automatically.

At Mother Dairy the students came to know about the insulated cooling system used to preserve the shelf life of milk. They witnessed the entire production process functioning i.e. Clarification, Homogenization, Pasteurization, Fortification (with Vitamin A) & dispatch. They also came to know about the significant competitive advantage which the company derives from the unique distribution network of bulk vending milkbooths, retail outlets and mobile units.They also got to know the various quality control measures adopted there. They were taken to Quality Control Department where they witnessed the testing of milk for purity & quality.Students felt amazed when they saw that such a large plant functioning without milk being touched once & the hygiene maintained was admirable. They also conduct certain vital quality tests to show the presence of urea and fat content in milk which we procurefrom local vendors. Students were made aware of the importance of milk consumption in thereday to day life depending upon the age group they belong to. It was a great learning experience for the students to know about the company products, its operations and the production process. After the first-hand exposure of the various processes, milk and ice-creams were served to the students. Knowledge and fun were the ingredients of the day.


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