Since 2000, India’s super rich population has grown by nearly 500% — Quartz

The last 15 years have been a great time to get rich in India. India’s population of high net worth individuals (HNI)—those with net assets exceeding $1 million (excluding residences)—grew by a staggering 490% between 2000 and 2015, according to a report by South African research firm New World Wealth. Although the country’s HNI population…

via Since 2000, India’s super rich population has grown by nearly 500% — Quartz

MBA in Bangalore

MBA in Bangalore

If you are looking to pursue MBA in Bangalore, this article will provide you all the key details like fees, placements, faculty, seats, entrance exams accepted and last year’s cut off percentile to help aspirants apply to best B school and pursue MBA in Bangalore.

Being Silicon City and India’s technological hub Bangalore automatically becomes one of the leading choices for aspirants to get admission in one of the sought after courses – MBA in Bangalore. Pursuing MBA in Bangalore can help you to get placed in leading multinational organizations as most of the leading IT/ITeS companies, Consulting, service sector companies of the country are based in Bangalore or have their head offices based in the city.

Pursuing MBA in Bangalore can fetch you high placements as seen in case of leading B schools. Aspirants can complete their MBA in Bangalore in as low cost as Rs. 3 lakhs as seen in case of Milleniium School of Business Bangalore where the tuition fee is of just Rs. 3 lakhs. – 6.50 Lakhs for MBA International. So explore more  such reasons to guide you to pursue MBA in Bangalore.

Which degree will make you a better leader?

Humanities graduates display better leadership skills in several key areas than those with a business degree, according to a study from a global leadership consultancy.

The DDI research showed that business graduates score predictably highly in financial and business knowledge, as well as strategic decision making. However, humanities graduates scored highly in several skills, including communication and inspiring excellence.

“Many humanities programmes incorporate debating, communicating, and critical thinking, which would contribute to well-rounded graduates in these fields,” argue the report’s authors.

Degree choice and leadership

The DDI research looked at 15,000 leaders, across 300 companies, in 18 countries. It then compared these leaders’ performance on eight leadership skills, against their degree.

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BBA vs B.Com what you should choose?

BA vs B.Com what you should choose?

Many students sometimes are confused and do not make proper choices regarding what they should opt for after +12 is it a BBA? Or BCOM?

Due to the economic changes in our country new professional courses such as BBA and BBM are introduced in colleges and institutes, bringing in more options for the aspirants instead of BCom. The big question here is what should you choose then? or a better and rewarding career opportunities.

BBA (Bachelors in Business Management)

This is a three-year degree course at undergraduate level. It is a viable career option for someone who wishes to make a career in management sector. BBA offers in in-depth knowledge and skills in the area of Business Management and Entrepreneurship.

Topics such as International Business, Information Technology, Human Resource, Insurance, Finance, Operation Management, and Marketing are covered during the course, which students can specialize later at post graduate level.


Students after completing BBA can choose to do an MBA in order to get a more specialized skill on a particular field. This not only makes the student more competent but also increases the job opportunities for them in the corporate sector.

Career prospects:

After BBA one can find jobs opportunities in marketing and sales division in corporate sectors or as a management trainee. If one follows up his BBA with an MBA degree from a reputed institute then they have a chance to increase their job prospects along with high salary package.

B.Com (Bachelors in commerce)

Bachelor of commerce is also three-year degree course which is taken up by commerce students wanting to make a career in finance, taxation, and accountancy.

Those opting for B.Com will learn general business principles, accounting, finance, law, Economy structures etc.

Further Studies

Various options are available for students who want to go for further studies after completing their B.Com.

CA (Chartered Accountancy)

Chartered Accountancy is a popular choice that students can choose as further studies for making a career in accountancy and taxation.

Professional degrees like CA, ICWAI and CFA can be chosen in order to specialize in Accountancy.

MBA (Management in Business Administration)

B.Com graduates can take up MBA which is considered as one of the best post-graduation degrees in the present scenario.

Students can appear for CAT exam in order to grab admission in the top level institute such as IIM (Indian Institute for management) in order to do MBA program which is of two years.


One can also opt for M.Com (Master of Commerce) which will further deepen your skills and knowledge in Business administration, Economics, Accounting etc.

Career options

B.Com graduates can look for jobs in private as well government sectors such as Financial Services, Insurance, Marketing, Broking, Banking, ITES, Government banking sector, Accountant Assistant, Tax Assistant etc.


Both BBA and B.Com have their own merits and de- merits. It depends entirely on the student’s areas of interest and skills before choosing either of the courses. If making a career in management is your priority then you should go for BBA as it the foundation for management and has been specifically designed for MBA aspirants.

B.Com, on the other hand, is much more diversified and has a wider scope for specialization for post graduate study.

Thus, it is advisable to first chalk out your skills, aptitude and area of interest before taking up any of the courses. Instead of looking at the money making aspect while choosing a course it is more feasible to choose a course that will give you long-term benefits rather than a short term.

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Industrial Visit to Mother Dairy @

Students of Millennium School of Business went for an industrial trip to Mother Dairy manufacturing plant in Patparganj. It is around 3.8 acres and employs around 700 workers in this location. Students were given a brief introduction about the company by Mr. Ashok. He told students about the white revolution and primitive and newer modes of milk collection and distribution. He also told about the actual milk processing capacity of the plant with the significance of the steps in processing.

This was followed by a documentary film, which depicted the process of milk production. The process in the making is totally automated and is internationally designed keeping in mind the hygiene standards. After the processing, the milk is stored in 12 tanks with a capacity of 1 lakh litre each. The milk is stored at a temperature of 3 degree C and then it is filled in the tanks and transported to various booths.Students enjoyed the visit of the plant and asked numerous questions. Milk and Ice Cream is the main product the plant deals in. More than 10 lakh litres of milk and 20 thousand litres of Ice creams are stored, transported in and out daily. The plant is located within the ambit of lush green environment and state of the art technology.


Then the students were taken for the visit of the plant and shown the processing area, tanks and how things are done automatically.

At Mother Dairy the students came to know about the insulated cooling system used to preserve the shelf life of milk. They witnessed the entire production process functioning i.e. Clarification, Homogenization, Pasteurization, Fortification (with Vitamin A) & dispatch. They also came to know about the significant competitive advantage which the company derives from the unique distribution network of bulk vending milkbooths, retail outlets and mobile units.They also got to know the various quality control measures adopted there. They were taken to Quality Control Department where they witnessed the testing of milk for purity & quality.Students felt amazed when they saw that such a large plant functioning without milk being touched once & the hygiene maintained was admirable. They also conduct certain vital quality tests to show the presence of urea and fat content in milk which we procurefrom local vendors. Students were made aware of the importance of milk consumption in thereday to day life depending upon the age group they belong to. It was a great learning experience for the students to know about the company products, its operations and the production process. After the first-hand exposure of the various processes, milk and ice-creams were served to the students. Knowledge and fun were the ingredients of the day.