Top BBA Colleges in Bangalore India

Millennium School of Business, Bangalore, offers undergraduate, postgraduate and certificate programmes in various academic disciplines including BBA, MBA, B.Com, M.Com. But it’s the Bachelors in Business Administration (BBA) course that is the best.

The BBA degree offered that allows students the option of completing the first two years of their degree programme at Millennium School of Business in Bangalore, after which they could they have option to visit countries like Singapore, Dubai, Malaysia, Hongkong, Bankok etc., this will give their students an exposure to international exposure.

The core curriculum of the BBA programme has been developed keeping international academic standards in mind and following a multidisciplinary approach, where students in the first and second years of the three-year undergraduate degree can opt for a range of allied courses such as public speaking or one which helps students improve their spoken English skills.

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Congratulations Karnataka PUC Results 2016

Karnataka PUC Results

Congratulations ‪#‎PUC‬ ‪#‎Passout‬ ‪#‎Students‬, Admission Open for BBA+MBA, BCom Courses, Join the Business School promoted by Companies from India & Singapore.

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Millennium School of Business, Bangalore

BBA in Bangalore

BBA in Bangalore

If you are looking to pursue BBA in Bangalore, this article will provide you all the key details like fees, placements, faculty, seats, entrance exams accepted and last year’s cut off percentile to help aspirants apply to best B school and pursue BBA in Bangalore.

Being Silicon City and India’s technological hub Bangalore automatically becomes one of the leading choices for aspirants to get admission in one of the sought after courses – BBA in Bangalore. Pursuing BBA in Bangalore can help you to get placed in leading multinational organizations as most of the leading IT/ITeS companies, Consulting, service sector companies of the country are based in Bangalore or have their head offices based in the city.

Pursuing BBA in Bangalore can fetch you high placements as seen in case of leading B schools. Aspirants can complete their BBA in Bangalore in as low cost as Rs. 2 lakhs as seen in case of Millenniium School of Business Bangalore where the tuition fee is of just Rs. 2.5 lakhs. – 4.00 Lakhs for BBA International. So explore more  such reasons to guide you colleges to pursue BBA in Bangalore.

What Management is today and was yesterday

The below story illustrates, how management used to function earlier and how it is now, the game remains the same but the method changes.

There was a king he had 10 wild dogs…



He used them to torture and eat all ministers who made mistakes.

So one of the minister’s once gave an opinion which was wrong, and which the king didn’t like at all…

So he ordered that the minister to be thrown to the dogs.

So the minister said,

“I served you 10 years and you do this..?

Please give me 10 days before you throw me in with those dogs!

So the king agreed…

In those 10 days the minister went to the guard that was guarding the dogs and told him he wants to serve the dogs for the next 10 days…

The guard was baffled…

But he agreed…

So the minister started feeding the dogs, cleaning for them, washing them, providing all sorts of comfort for them.

So when the 10 days were up…

The king ordered that the minister be thrown in to the dogs for his punishment.

But when he was thrown in,

Everyone was amazed at what they saw..

They saw the dogs licking the feet of the minister!


So the king baffled at what he saw… Said:” what happened to the dogs? !!!”

The minister then said;”

I served the dogs for 10 days and they didn’t forget my service…

Yet I served you for 10 years and you forgot all at the first mistake!”…


So the king realised his mistake


Got crocodiles instead

Moral : on the above note in contrary to today, what management decides is Final.

Innovation Management Students – BBA course

Recently during our presentation class for BBA at our institute Millennium School of Business a new game was initiated by our ma’am Ms.Shweta Hora to test the innovative capabilities of each student.In this game the class was divided into 4 groups in which each group was supposed to invent a new product.The products could possess any feature the students in each group wanted.So first was the group“PAAN” which had  Aditya, Prateek,Arun,Nitesh as their candidates.They invented a “WATCH” which solved the purpose of internet,phone and 3-D.So it was a three in one watch.The watch could serve the internet features like surfing websites, wifi,3-D features like projector and lastly it had phone features like sim card system,MP3 player,dual battery system and charging point.The price of each watch was estimated to be Rs.2,20,000.The total capital invested was Rs.1,00,00,000 in which each partner initiated Rs.25,00,000.The product was decided to be marketed in 4 metropolitan cities of india-Delhi, Kolkata,Chennai,Mumbai.Each state was availed with 100 watches for sales.This product was suitable for teenager kids and all other people who love gadgets and are gadgets edicted.

The second group of bba college was the group of 4 girls Ashi,Vidushi,Anusha and Prabhleen  named “GIRL POWER” who invented“SAFETY JEWELLERY SET”. As the molestation cases are constantly increasing with women so this was particularly for females who felt unsafe whenever they are out of their house.This set had 3 parts-“Bracelet,Necklace and Broach”,Bracelet featured a knife for self defense whenever needed,then was the necklace which had a camera in it,and lastly was the broach which had sensors in it.The necklace had a button which when pressed activated the sensors.Along with all the above features the accessories had GPRS feature which got activated on pressing a button in bracelet.This set would be provided by the government.This was only for the girls who were not involved in any criminal case.This was provided for free of cost for the girls who were below poverty line.Thirdly was group of Chirag, Ashish, Amit who invented Eyeshades which featured Internet,Camera,GPRS navigation,Headphones, Calling fearture.The GPRS system would guide the person about the way they are heading.This was amounted for Rs.50,000 and was suitable for teenagers who are always around gadgets and they don’t prefer to carry too many gadgets with them so this is a eyeshades which had all in one features.So that was all we did in the innovation class in which each group showed their thinking capabilities and the requirement of the present generation.Hope each student is able to invent his desired products in the future.

Good Innovations by the BBA students. Keep up the good work !!

Pallavi Mittal
Millennium School of Business
BBA Batch(2012-2015)

Team – MSOB

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BBA Colleges Admission – BBA Bangalore University

BBA Admission is the first step to Success

BBA Admission is a 1st Step towards success |

Today the employment market is really competitive and the best positions are available to individuals possessing the required qualifications. And if you are also lucky to acquire a job, you may soon find that your promotion may get stuck due to lack of qualifications. You can thus decide to further your chances in clinching yourself a best job plus a lead role by choosing to enroll in a Bachelor of Business Administration / Management program from a BBM college in Bangalore. A BBA degree is really a valued professional qualification for students who are seeking a leadership position. The course gives a complete education in business in addition to management principles while allowing learners to also select advanced courses in the specific concentration area such as international business, finance, real estate, computer information systems, marketing, or perhaps accounting. And these degree programs BBA College in Bangalore have become very popular as it allows all individual to pursue higher studies at their very own convenience.

The undergraduate program on the best BBA college in Bangalore covers several tasks of this field of study similar to business organization and systems, supervision theory and practice, basic enterprise statistics, communicating skills, marketing supervision, entrepreneurship and small business supervision, international business, new trends, as well as tools of financial management.

Eligibility for BBA Online Degree Programs:

Candidates who aspire to formulate their qualifications and add credits inside the arena of business and commerce generally decide to go for the undergraduate packages, mostly from the best BBM college in Bangalore. Individuals who will be able to meet all the eligibility criteria as stated by the institute get an opportunity to apply for the program. 10 +2 students who have attained a minimum percentage associated with 45% marks are suitable to enroll for the distance learning BBM course from Bangalore BBM college. All admissions to the undergraduate courses in BBM generally rests over the foibles mentioned by the institutions.

Why earn this degree?

Completing graduation in BBM coming from a good Bangalore BBM college makes a candidate extremely employable and they mostly progress to higher levels in business management. Employers have been in hunt for business administration graduates for the wide spectrum of positions including business manager and sales rep, to human resource manager in addition to project planner.

Scope of Bachelor of Business Administration Online Degree Programs:

Today both the government in addition to private sector employers hire candidates with deep knowledge in the area of business administration for numerous administrative duties in lots of organizations. Successful candidates are appointed in several managerial posts and the pay packages furnished by the employers are quite quality too. If you have a college degree in business administration from the reputed BBM college in Bangalore, you are able to seek employment in the businesses specializing in finance, marketing, sales, human learning resource, and other areas of enterprise administration.

The total number of institutions providing distance learning BBM courses, including the best BBM college in Bangalore, will be widely increasing in number. This is due to the growing demand for correspondence learning among a sizable section of population, especially the ones residing with remote areas who cannot get access to regular colleges or universities. and for them acquiring a college degree through distance education is the only method to enhance their career graph. Make your foundation strong and excel in your career by choosing a program in Bachelor’s of Business Administration/ Bachelors of Business Managemen

Why MBA is preferred from Business Schools in Bangalore

MBA from Business Schools in Bangalore

Getting admission to Top MBA colleges in Bangalore means taking a step towards lifelong golden future in management arena not only in India but also in abroad. But why do so? What makes the City of Gardens a popular higher educational destination among seekers?

Management education aspirants from different parts of the country throng B Schools in Bangalore because of world class teaching, excellent course patters in various streams and magnificent campuses. Not only this, Master of Business Administration / MBA colleges in Bangalore / BBA Colleges in Bangalore also have good placement record and churning out skilled experts year after year. Trained management professionals passed out from any of these B Schools in Bangalore are creating a niche for themselves in the corporate world in India and overseas. Aspirants aiming at the best MBA programs find the City of Gardens their most favored destination and face a tough competition to get themselves enrolled with an institution here.

The reason simply lies in the fact that there are more than four hundred management colleges in Bangalore alone which in itself sets a benchmark for providing quality education in every stream and not alone in management field. As far as management studies are considered, yes, Bangalore is charted on the pole position in the list of world’s top most centers for business studies.

Universities and colleges look for the position earned in the entrance exams conducted by Karnataka state in order to select those who really deserve for various diploma, post diploma, post graduate degree courses in management. MBA admission in Bangalore is not a simple task to take up but a well-structured procedure which separates the most talented seekers from ordinary students to train with the highly qualified management training in next few years. and this makes a great difference and this is why MBA colleges in Bangalore have become a factory for mass –production of management experts who merit in the top positions only in various multinational companies.

Bangalore is an international educational destination for higher studies in various streams, especially in business administration. At the time of entrance date notifications, Bangalore turns up a place must to see. Hundreds of thousands of students make bee-line outside many renowned business schools in order to get admission to their preferred stream. CAT/MAT/XAT exam date is looming around and the city is going to get overburdened by seekers once again.

Obtaining an MBA / BBA degree from a reputed University like Mysore University / Bangalore University is lucrative in terms of money and is the most promising career options as well. Management gurus passed out from top MBA colleges in Bangalore are seen crossing the hierarchy ladder at a very fast pace and within few years of joining most of them take top positions in their organizations. So, it can be said that Admission in MBA colleges in Bangalore is still a dream for many management hopefuls coming from all across India and foreign shores. and they prefer to get admission to any of the b-schools here to realize their dreams to the fullest. This is why, Bangalore is the best option for any student aiming for international standard management degree in a field of their choice.

Join the MBA with MBA HR Specialisation, MBA Finance Specialisation, MBA in Marketing, BBM Course offered by Millennium School of Business, Bangalore through the most prestigious University of Mysore in Karnataka

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BBM Syllabus, Bachelor of Business Management Syallabus

The BBM Course offered by MSOB, Bangalore Campus is from University of Mysore, Given below is the Syllabus of Mysore University.
BBM Syllabus

• Language-I
• Language-II
• Environmental Studies
• Indian Business Environment
• Principles of Economics
• Financial Accounting – I
• Language-I
• Language-II
• Constitution of India
• Managerial Economics
• Business Mathematics
• Financial Accounting – II
• Language –I – ( Communicative language)
• Language-II – ( Communicative language)
• Computer Applications **
• Cost Accounting
• Principles and Practice of Management
• Financial Accounting – III
• Language –I – ( Communicative language)
• Language-II – ( Communicative language)
• Management Accounting
• Marketing Management
• Financial Management
• Human Resources Management
• Small Business Management &
• Income Tax
• Business Statistics – I
• Commercial Law
• Elective – I FM / MM / HRM
• Elective – II FM / MM / HRM
• Business Statistics – II
• International Business
• Company Law
• Law & Practice of Banking
• Elective – III – FM / MM / HRM
• Elective – IV – FM /MM / HRM

Note : Subject are indicative only, an change depending on Universitiy revisions.